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Add A Custom CTA Banner To Your Squeezed Pages

January 10, 2018 Uncategorized 0



Now You Can Add A Banner CTA To Your Squeezed Pages

This is a new feature for SQZIn that we are really excited to announce. You can see an example of what a great banner looks like by clicking here.

Banners have been used for many years in digital marketing and for one very good reason – they get results. There have been many people claiming that the banner ad is dead and has no place in digital marketing anymore. But this is not true. Banners still work and there are companies out there that are spending a fortune on the creation and placement of banner ads.

You see most Internet users know banner ads are – well ads! So if they click on your banner for more information they are going to be a serious lead for you. Wouldn’t you rather have serious people clicking on your CTA placement than tire kickers and freebie seekers?

Well now with SQZIn we have provided you with the opportunity to place a banner ad in your squeezed content. You can change the type of CTA for your content anytime that you want and you should do this to measure which is the most effective CTA strategy for the content.

What if you don’t have a great Banner?

First, you can try this free banner maker tool.

Not all of us are graphic designers are we? So get some help from those that are. You can find a good graphic designer that will make you a great banner in a lot of different places. One of the easiest places to look is Fiverr.com. For a very low price, you can have a banner created that meets your requirements. Check the customer reviews before choosing a freelancer.

You can also go to other freelancing websites such as upwork.com, freelancer.com, and guru.com. There are good graphic designers on all of these sites. Again check the testimonials from customers before you make a decision.

Best Size for horizontal 728×90 px vertical 160×600 px Format PNG, JPG or GIF.

You can make your banner in one of two options above.

Maximum size is 2MB

Be sure to follow these size recommendations so that your banner is not too big or too small.


How do you add a Banner to your Squeezed Content?

Adding your new banner to squeezed content really is easy. If you want to add a banner to existing content then choose “edit” for your link and then follow the instructions. The first screen will enable you to edit your title and description. If you are happy with this just click “next”.

The next screen is the “Select squeezed-in type” and from here you will choose “Call-To-Action” and then “Next”. On the “Select overlay type” screen choose “CUSTOM” and then “Next”.

From here you can create your new CTA. Give it a name as usual and then upload your banner by dragging and dropping on to the screen. The last action is to select the banner position which will either be to the Left or to the Right. Just go through the final actions to complete your new CTA.

So there you have it. You can now add banners to your CTA mix. The more options that you have with CTA’s the better and this is a great addition, so get your great banners made and add them to your squeezed content.

Create your new Custom CTA and get traffic to your offer.