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The Benefits Of Using Viral Content

October 30, 2017 Uncategorized 0


If you want to attract the largest possible audience then you need great content. Not everyone has the ability to create great content themselves, and even if you have this ability it takes a lot of time to research it and then write it.

Alternatively there are professional writers out there that will do the work for you. But that doesn’t come cheap, and you will normally have to wait for your content as really good writers are rare and in high demand.

Using Other People’s Content will give you the Edge

When you take a look at the giant social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter you will see that there is a lot of good content shared there. The reason that people do this is to build their audience and keep their followers engaged.

The majority of the shared content does not belong to the person sharing it. They create “content sharing” schedules and spend their time finding content that is relevant to their niche that is already popular.

Does this work? Yes it does! You are effectively acting as a “conduit” and you are filtering out the very best content for your audience. By doing this you will keep your existing followers happy and build new followers as word gets around.

You can Curate Content and add it to your Website – But you don’t need to do this

A lot of website owners curate other people’s content and add it to their website. They provide their own insight on the piece of content shared, and add value for their readers by doing this.

This is fine if you have a website with a large audience already but what if you don’t? Well you can still curate the content and then share it on social media, but there is an easier way. When you use SQZin you do not add any content to your website. What you do instead is add a call to action (CTA) to the content that will drive traffic to your website or offer.

When you share other people’s content using SQZin there is no changing or copying of the original content. SQZin adds a header to the content (which you can customize) and you can add a CTA. The original content and all of the links and other features are never changed.

So you do not have to spend your valuable time curating and posting the content to your own site. You can use your time more productively finding related content for your niche that is already popular.

There are several tools available now to help you find viral content. When you use these tools they will provide you with the source links so that you can squeeze them and then add your CTA and customized header.

You don’t need a Content Heavy Website to drive traffic

People spend a great deal of time and money building content heavy websites in order to drive traffic. They are all doing this to achieve the same goal – drive traffic to their squeeze page or sales pages. There is nothing wrong with this strategy, but why go to all of that trouble when you can use SQZin to drive traffic to your pages?


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