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Use bookmarklets to quickly Squeeze Pages That You Come Across

January 10, 2018 Uncategorized 0



Now You Can Add A Bookmarklet To Squeeze Any Page That You Come Across

How about if we offered you a feature that not only saves you time but enables you to squeeze more content and get it out to your audience? Well, now you can achieve both of these important things with the new SQZIn bookmarklet.

To squeeze a page manually you need to have the page open, copy the URL and then paste that URL into your SQZIn dashboard. Not a big deal right? Well, it can be surprising how much time this can take to do for each piece of great content that you discover. When you use the SQZIn bookmarklet the copying and pasting are done automatically for you.


What is a Bookmarklet?

You know about the bookmark facility that web browsers have right? If you find a web page that you want to save and come back to later then you can just “bookmark” it and then return when you are ready. Everybody uses this facility and it has been around since the first web browsers were launched.

Well, a bookmarklet is a bit different to a bookmark. It is more of a web browser add-on or extension and will be displayed on your top browser bar. The SQZIn bookmarklet doesn’t save the page that you use it on – it does much more than that.

A bookmarklet is actually a small software program (usually using JavaScript) that will actually perform specific actions in your web browser automatically. Read on to understand what the SQZIn bookmarklet will do for you.

It will actually automatically squeeze the page that you have in focus and then give you to edit that squeeze. How fantastic is that? No more copying and pasting URL’s which will save you time.

Squeeze more Content

The more content that you squeeze and share the more likely you are to generate leads. Now there is no need for you to alternate between your SQZIn dashboard and content pages that you are looking at for squeezing.

With the SQZIn bookmarklet, all you have to do is click on it when you have found a page that you want to squeeze. You can then choose to go back and make all of your squeeze edits in your dashboard later on or do them as you use the bookmarklet.

This means that you have the freedom to find as much new content as you want and then use the bookmarklet to squeeze them. You will find that when you use the SQZIn bookmarklet you will get a lot more done in less time.

You can get the SQZIn bookmarklet here.

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