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What Is Retargeting And How Can You Use It?

September 8, 2017 Uncategorized 0


A lot of people are familiar with the term “retargeting” but it is often misunderstood. In this short post, we will explain what it is and why it is important. We will then discuss how you can use your SQZin links to retarget your visitors.

What is Retargeting?

Sometimes known as “remarketing”, retargeting is an online advertising tool that is designed to maintain your brand with visitors that have already left your pages. The fact is that most visitor traffic does not convert on the first visit with 1% or 2% conversions the norm.

Retargeting provides you with a way to get back in front of the 98% who didn’t convert so that they are not lost forever.

How Retargeting Works?

With retargeting you will use a “cookie” based piece of code (this is often called a “pixel”) and this will follow your previous visitors around the web. The inclusion of this pixel will not affect the performance of your pages in any way as the code is very small.

When a visitor views your page that contains the pixel an anonymous browser cookie is dropped. So a visitor will come to your page and then leave. You can retarget these visitors of your SQZin pages by adding the pixel into the links.

The main reason why retargeting is so effective is that it focuses on people that are already interested in your niche. By using the retargeting function of your SQZin account you are likely to experience a higher ROI.

There is an old sales adage which says that it takes up to 7 contacts to make a sale. When you use retargeting you are increasing your chances of a conversion by encouraging more contacts with your brand.


The Benefits of Retargeting

There are a number of retargeting benefits and these are the top three:

  • It reminds previous visitors of your brand or offer
  • It can raise your brand awareness in the digital marketplace
  • You can focus your content marketing efforts on visitors you know are already interested in your niche

Retargeting and SQZin

You can add your retargeting pixels to every SQZin link that you create. When creating or even editing SQZin link you can add your pixel code. Also you can add other custom tags such as contact forms, exit popups and more.

If you already have your own retargeting pixels from Facebook or Google Adwords or any other provider, then you can use these with your SQZin links as well.


Take Advantage of SQZin Retargeting

Retargeting works and will help to drive up your ROI on the pages that you share. You can only use the retargeting feature of SQZin if you have a Pro account. So take your marketing to the next level by upgrading to SQZin Pro right here.

If you don’t use retargeting in your content marketing then you are leaving money on the table. When visitors see your brand or offer a second, third or fourth time they are much more likely to take the action that you want them too. So activate the retargeting feature of your SQZin account today.


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