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Why Customized Headers Are So Important?!

October 4, 2017 Uncategorized 0


The fact that you can customize the headers of your SQZin links can give you a serious marketing advantage. When you squeeze a piece of viral content you can choose to use the existing header or create your own.

You will want to customize your header in order to make clicking your SQZin link more enticing. It is all about getting the click right? When visitors click on your SQZin links they will see your custom overlays, splash page or media page. If they don’t click then all of that is lost.

Your Customized Header

is your Headline

The headline is the most important part of any piece of content whether it is text or a video. This is particularly important in sales copy but equally applies to articles, blog posts, emails and so on.

If your headline sucks then you will not get the click. When you improve your headlines you increase your chances of getting more clicks – it’s that simple. People are always busy these days, and a good headline is a very powerful way for them to make the decision to visit your link or not.

A good headline will focus the visitor and cuts out all of the other distractions that they have to contend with. Once you get use to creating great headlines it will only take you a few seconds to do this for each piece of content that you share.

Your headline is your first chance to impress a potential visitor. It can be your only chance to impress. Visitors will scan your headline and then instantly decide whether they want to visit your link or not. There are no second chances.


How to write Enticing Headlines?


  1. Make it clear – your headline must never be confusing. It needs to persuade them to click your link and read the rest of your content.
  2. Make it relevant – your headline must directly relate to your content. If your content is about making money online then create a headline that relates to this.
  3. Focus on your target audience – you know who your target customer is and what they want so use your headline to speak directly to them. They will love this and it will definitely improve your chances of getting the click.
  4. Make your headline succinct – A short and to the point headline is the most desirable. Describe the major benefit of clicking your link in as few words as you can. Whatever you do don’t waffle.
  5. Make it exciting – If your headline bores people it will never get clicked. Use curiosity, humor and other tactics to excite and amuse your visitors.

Creating your Customized Header with SQZin:

This really couldn’t be easier. Once you have squeezed a link you can edit it and you will see a Page Title box. SQZin will capture the title of the original page, but you can change this. Add your new headline, save and you are done.

You can change the header of your SQZin links at any time. So if a headline is not working well for you then you can change it and see if your click through rate (CTR) increases. It is simple to do and could put extra money into your pocket.



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